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How to get sponsored

There are 4 ways to get sponsored:

1) Be an amazing contest rider.
2) Be an outstanding video part rider.
3) Be the best at publicizing yourself.
4) Have a unique selling point that grabs attention.
5) (and this is the most desirable) a combination of options 1, 2, 3, 4.

1) Amazing contest rider:
The best example of this is obviously Shaun White. “The Flying Tomato,” is the best rider in the world in terms of contests. He is also the most highly paid snowboarder in the world and has become a multi-millionaire solely from snowboarding. He has won every major halfpipe and slopestyle contest in the world from the X Games, to the US Open and the Olympics. If you begin to win major snowboard contests, you will easily pick up sponsors although you won’t pick up the big sponsorship deals until your winning the big name events.

2) Outstanding video part rider:
The best example of this is Jeremy Jones. JJ consistently year after year puts out one of the world’s best video parts in an international snowboard video. Video part riders are the most common form of pro snowboarders today. To secure the big contracts you need to be able to produce bangers year after year and companies will take notice. If you have a rad video part every year, then you never need to ride another contest. The reason getting a video park works for getting sponsored is that people who watch that video are seeing what gear you’re riding. If you’re nailing out tricks on Burton gear then people are subconsciously going to want that Burton gear so they can ride like you. Getting in touch with a film crew is relatively easy if you’re an awesome rider. There are tons of smaller snowboard films being produced every year all across the globe. Lots of these smaller
film production companies who are gagging for good footage so the basic requirement to get your first video part is around 15 banger tricks on street rails, or backcountry jumps or unique urban features. They don’t want your park shots. Once you get your first few clips in video, even if it’s just a small production, you have some leveraging power to talk with companies and they have a reason to hook you up.

3) Be the best at publicizing yourself:
The best example of this is Mark Frank Montoya. MFM is hands down the best in the industry at getting the most media attention. He has done this by becoming the XXXL gangsta image of snowboarding. If there’s a snowboard tradeshow, MFM is there. If there’s a major snowboard event MFM is there. He always makes his image present. He has multiple image’s in all the major snowboard mags. He also now owns a chain of Snowboard Hotels.

4) A unique selling point that grabs attention:
The best example of a unique selling point is probably Renee Renee from DC. If you’ve seen any of the DC mountain lab videos, you’ll know who he is. He is an average snowboarder but has his own pro model DC boots and clothing line. His unique advantage is being the all round funny guy/artist/singer/crazy dude

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